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Swivel Stroller Hooks

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Product Description

You pick up your baby from day care straight from work. You have a handbag, and a laptop bag. You have to balance these while pushing your stroller along - with the baby's bag hanging over one of the handles. You walk with a slight bend in your posture so that your laptop bag doesn't swing around your side, you struggle to keep everything in check..

Baby wants a snack..... Then a drink.... Stop, start.... Stop, start.... More balancing!!

You make it home! But with a back ache for your troubles. 

Or you could just hook everything on your stroller.....

stroller accessories
  • Diaper bag... Check! 
  • Laptop bag... Check! 
  • Snacks on hand... Check! 
  • Drinks ready to go... Check! 
  • Handbag... Check! 
  • No public balancing acts... Check! 

  • 360 degree swivel for convenient hook positioning
  • Strong velcro strap that takes seconds to fit
swivel stroller hooks

single stroller hook
  • Curved hard plastic design allows for high weight load
  • Warning: Given the weight load these hooks can handle, you must remember to unload prior to removing your baby from the stroller to prevent tipping